The Generations of Thomas Pine Petznick



Thomas Pine Petznick

Family Tree Names

(Murry), Allie Murray (-UNKNOWN)
(Reeve), Martha (-UNKNOWN)
(Unknown), Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
, (Private-)
, (Private-)
, (Private-)
, (Private-)
, Agnes (-UNKNOWN)
, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
, Anna (-UNKNOWN)
, Annie (NOV 1860-UNKNOWN)
, Clara (1911-1939)
, Cora (1894-UNKNOWN)
, Harriet (-UNKNOWN)
, Isabella G. (-UNKNOWN)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Living (Private-)
, Loiuisa (1865-UNKNOWN)
, Manier (-UNKNOWN)
, Mary (2 DEC 1906-AUG 1983)
, Mary (1585-UNKNOWN)
, Phyllis (Private-)
11, Francis Wilder Barnard (30 SEP 1900-9 MAR 1971)
?, 2nd Husband of Doty (Private-)
?, Ann (-UNKNOWN)
?, Barbara (Private-)
?, Carol Ann (-NOV 2001)
?, Doty (Private-)
?, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
?, First Husband of Annie Pine (Private-)
?, Husband 2 Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
?Leverett, Abigail (-UNKNOWN)
?Nichols, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Abbott, Living (Private-)
Aberdeensher, Unknown Mrs. William (-UNKNOWN)
Aberdeensher, William Mann (-UNKNOWN)
Abernathy, Ezekial (1782-UNKNOWN)
Aby, Myrtle (30 OCT 1884-28 JUL 1970)
Ackerman, Dorothy Marie (Private-)
Ackerman, Lester F. (Private-)
Ackerman, Richard Allen (Private-)
Adams, Clarissa (1856-12 OCT 1934)
Adamson, Unknown Mr. (-UNKNOWN)
Adkins, Living (Private-)
Agel, Catherina (-UNKNOWN)
Akin, Margaret Van (-UNKNOWN)
Alberez, Lina (Private-)
Albertson, Lillian (-UNKNOWN)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Albright, Living (Private-)
Alcock, Alice (-UNKNOWN)
Aldrich, Eva Belle (14 JAN 1857-UNKNOWN)
Aldrich, Lizzie E. (-UNKNOWN)
Alford, Esther (-UNKNOWN)
Alford, Frederick Hasey Pouch (-UNKNOWN)
Alford, Jr., Frederick Hasey Pouch (-UNKNOWN)
Alford, Henry Smallwood Redmond (Private-)
Alford, Janet Pouch (Private-)
Alford, Kendall Smith (Private-)
Allard, Bertha Mae (18 NOV 1885-17 AUG 1947)
Allemong, Angeline (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Chuck L. (Private-)
Allen, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Irene L. (Private-)
Allen, Jack\Jacob Andrew (5 OCT 1906-UNKNOWN)
Allen, Lester P. (Private-)
Allen, Thomas (Private-)
Allen, William John (Private-)
Allison, Mary (-29 DEC 1713)
Allred, James (Private-)
Altschuh, Living Female (Private-)
Altschuh, Living Male (Private-)
Altschuh, Living Mr. (Private-)
Altshhuh, Living Famale (Private-)
Altshhuh, Living Male 1 (Private-)
Alwine, Lother\Loter\\, Alvina (SEP 1877-7 AUG 1914)
Amery, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Amick, Jacob (-UNKNOWN)
Anania, Adam (Private-)
Anania, Adrian (Private-)
Anania, Alexander (Private-)
Anania, Amanda (Private-)
Anania, Anthony (Private-)
Anania, Charles Thomas (Private-)
Anania, Dresean (Private-)
Anania, Jonathan (Private-)
Anania, Louis (Private-)
Anania, Louis Angelo (Private-)
Anania, Mary Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Anania, Michael (Private-)
Anania, Michael Louis (Private-)
Anania, Nancy Mrs. Charles Thomas (Private-)
Anania, Stephen Wright (Private-)
Anania, Theresa Marie (Private-)
Anania, Trace Sue (Private-)
Anania, Vincent (Private-)
Anderson, Elijah (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Emily (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Hannah (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Isaiah (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, John (Private-)
Anderson, John Edward (Private-)
Anderson, Kathrine Jo (Private-)
Anderson, Kent (Private-)
Anderson, Malinda (23 OCT 1800-17 MAR 1879)
Anderson, Rebecca Lynn (Private-)
Anderson, Ricki Ann (Private-)
Anderson, Robert (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Tacy (-UNKNOWN)
Anderson, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Andrew, John (-UNKNOWN)
Andrew, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Andrew, Sandra Lee (Private-)
Anna, (-25 SEP 1874)
Arbogast, Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Archer, Carol Chase (Private-)
Arey, Lydia B (-UNKNOWN)
Arey, Mehitable (-UNKNOWN)
Armstrong, Living (Private-)
Arnold, Carl (17 JAN 1890-16 JUN 1971)
Arnold, Catherine Kale (-UNKNOWN)
Arnold, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Arnold, Susan Augusta (-UNKNOWN)
Arvin, Amy (-UNKNOWN)
Arvin, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Arvin, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Arvin, Simeon (-UNKNOWN)
Arvin, Sr., William (-UNKNOWN)
Arvin, William (-UNKNOWN)
Asher, John Earle (-UNKNOWN)
Asher, Logan (Private-)
Ashley, Carrie (-UNKNOWN)
Ashton, George (-UNKNOWN)
Asse, Living (Private-)
Asse, Living (Private-)
Asse, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Asse, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Assenheimer, Adolph (Private-)
Assenheimer, Alexander (Private-)
Assenheimer, Alma (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Living (Private-)
Assenheimer, Reinhold (22 OCT 1895-20 MAY 1963)
Atwood, Lynn (Private-)
Audley, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Augustine, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Auld, Benjamin G. (-UNKNOWN)
Auld, Etta Mae (28 DEC 1877-UNKNOWN)
Austin, April Louise (Private-)
Austin, Charles (7 MAY 1895-UNKNOWN)
Austin, David (22 NOV 1799-MAR 1881)
Austin, David (-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Ester Louise (Private-)
Austin, Isaac (10 MAR 1737-21 NOV 1824)
Austin, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Isaac (10 MAR 1737-21 NOV 1824)
Austin, Isaac (-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Isaac D. (19 NOV 1793-15 NOV 1827)
Austin, James Dwight (Private-)
Austin, Janice Lea (Private-)
Austin, Lucretia (8 FEB 1798-12 APR 1879)
Austin, Naomi Ruth (Private-)
Austin, Nora Marie (3 MAR 1920-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Pasque (17 JUN 1765-5 AUG 1834)
Austin, Rodinah (16 APR 1792-18 MAY 1863)
Austin, Ruby Iolane (12 JUL 1918-UNKNOWN)
Austin, Sarah (14 JAN 1796-22 JUL 1881)
Austin, Susan Joann (Private-)
Aylesworth, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Ayre, John G. (1849-1877)
Ayre, Retta (1874-1951)
Baber, David (Private-)
Baber, Taylor Marie (Private-)
Badertscher, Dale Lee (Private-)
Badertscher, Dennis Alan (Private-)
Badertscher, Donald Eugene (Private-)
Badertscher, Francis Wayne (Private-)
Badertscher, Harold A. (Private-)
Badertscher, Kenneth Earl (Private-)
Baggiley, William De (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Aaron (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Aaron (2 NOV 1815-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Abagail (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Abigail (1699-15 SEP 1743)
Bagley, Abner (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Adam (23 DEC 1612-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Adam (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Adelia (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Adorian Judson (SEP 1834-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alan Roger (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Albartus (6 JUL 1789-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Albert George (29 APR 1844-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alexander (18 SEP 1592-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alexander (11 JUL 1617-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alford (MAY 1859-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alice Bleasdale (-8 APR 1603)
Bagley, Alison (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Almira (MAY 1872-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Almira (6 FEB 1828-1 JAN 1897)
Bagley, Almira M. (27 JUL 1863-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Almyra L. (24 SEP 1830-27 MAR 1913)
Bagley, Alonzo Elwood (25 OCT 1849-3 DEC 1920)
Bagley, Alvaretta R. (17 JUN 1850-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alvin (1852-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Alvin (7 NOV 1832-JAN 1833)
Bagley, Amasa (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Amos (20 NOV 1796-19 AUG 1874)
Bagley, Amy (6 MAR 1830-4 APR 1891)
Bagley, Amy A. (17 DEC 1839-18 OCT 1876)
Bagley, Amy C. (5 SEP 1813-23 DEC 1886)
Bagley, Angela Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ann (1 DEC 1632-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ann (9 AUG 1718-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ann (1692-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ann E (1831-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Anna G (JUL 1875-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Anne (14 AUG 1709-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Arthur Eugene (6 MAR 1870-24 JUL 1944)
Bagley, Barbara Sue (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Benjamin (-25 AUG 1779)
Bagley, Benjamin (10 NOV 1707-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Benjamin C. (1778-23 JUN 1856)
Bagley, Bessie (1868-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Bessie B. Fairchild (25 JUL 1880-1963)
Bagley, Bolina (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Burt (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Caroline (1830-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Caroline Mrs. Abner (14 SEP 1908-26 JAN 1951)
Bagley, Carrie E (1863-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Cassius Hartman (9 SEP 1869-9 AUG 1947)
Bagley, Charlene (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, "MONTY was my, Charles C (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Charles Emmett (7 JAN 1888-1 JAN 1921)
Bagley, Charles F. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Charles G. (1883-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Charles Henry (26 FEB 1848-7 OCT 1913)
Bagley, Charles L (1850-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Charles Leland (24 APR 1873-9 JUL 1965)
Bagley, Charles S (29 MAY 1854-1926)
Bagley, Charlotte (10 JUN 1796-1883)
Bagley, Charlotte (16 DEC 1810-29 APR 1886)
Bagley, Christiana (4 AUG 1839-FEB 1841)
Bagley, Christopher (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Clarence (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Clarinda Amelia (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Claude (30 SEP 1887-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Claude Llewelyn (19 JAN 1905-7 DEC 1957)
Bagley, Clifton C. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Cora Bernice (AUG 1860-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Corwin (1850-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Curtis (18 JUN 1783-25 MAR 1864)
Bagley, Cyrenes Rodney (27 APR 1849-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Daniel (1 MAY 1852-12 NOV 1853)
Bagley, David (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, David (6 JUN 1752-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Dean Benjamin (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Dean E. (5 NOV 1945-1 DEC 1950)
Bagley, Donald Earl (4 AUG 1908-22 MAR 1966)
Bagley, Donelle E. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Dorcus E. (1841-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Edgar (1855-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Edna (DEC 1870-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Edward (10 FEB 1593-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Edward (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Effie M. (-1895)
Bagley, Eleanor (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Eliakim (25 JUL 1775-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Elisabeth (1856-1934)
Bagley, Elisha (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Elivra (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Elizabeth (9 OCT 1633-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Elizabeth Jenette (25 AUG 1825-24 JAN 1846)
Bagley, Ellen Amanda (17 SEP 1839-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ellen F (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ellsworth (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Elsie Jennie (7 MAY 1882-9 FEB 1952)
Bagley, Elsie L (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Emiline (1830-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Erik (Private-)
Bagley, Erwin Eugene (8 JAN 1878-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Estella Maude (Private-)
Bagley, Estelle B (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ethel M. Mrs. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Ethel Moffit (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Fanny A. (16 DEC 1847-16 AUG 1907)
Bagley, Female Infant (1 MAR 1864-25 APR 1864)
Bagley, Fern (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Fidelia (20 NOV 1820-12 JAN 1893)
Bagley, Frances (MAY 1878-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Francis (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Frank (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Frank (1858-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Frank A. (1856-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Frank Earl (14 APR 1872-11 FEB 1951)
Bagley, Fred (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Fred Harold Harrison (14 AUG 1887-26 OCT 1939)
Bagley, Fred Harold \ Harrison (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Fred S. Hines (1874-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Frederick (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Gale (JUN 1895-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George (1815-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George (15 MAY 1825-4 APR 1905)
Bagley, George (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George Isaac (29 MAY 1854-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George Massey (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George W. (16 DEC 1799-5 JUN 1862)
Bagley, George W. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, George William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Gil (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Glen A. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Glen Abner (-1894)
Bagley, Gordon (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Hannah (29 MAR 1712-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, I, Harmon (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Harmon (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Harry (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Harry (1885-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Harry Abner (24 OCT 1918-5 SEP 1967)
Bagley, Hattie (1872-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Hattie (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Hazel (1893-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Helen H. (21 OCT 1820-11 MAY 1897)
Bagley, Henry (24 APR 1730-22 FEB 1796)
Bagley, Henry (25 AUG 1711-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Henry (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Henry E. (10 JUL 1822-20 DEC 1904)
Bagley, Henry Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Henry William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Herman W (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Homer Arvin Alson (24 NOV 1894-11 FEB 1963)
Bagley, Horace (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Horace Mann (1 MAR 1837-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Humphrey (23 DEC 1612-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Infant (26 JUN 1846-JUN 1846)
Bagley, Infant (19 AUG 1884-19 AUG 1884)
Bagley, Isabella G (1848-17 MAR 1931)
Bagley, Iva Mae (1873-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Jacob (13 DEC 1687-25 DEC 1687)
Bagley, James (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James (1813-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James (11 MAY 1520-OCT 1607)
Bagley, James (21 FEB 1663-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James (1688-25 JUN 1732)
Bagley, James (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James (1822-22 APR 1893)
Bagley, James (1 MAR 1714-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James H. (16 AUG 1800-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James W. (1861-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, James William (10 MAR 1828-21 SEP 1864)
Bagley, Jane (3 JUL 1617-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Janice Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Jerry Dean (23 SEP 1923-MAY 1983)
Bagley, Jimmie (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Joel Ray (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (1656-31 AUG 1658)
Bagley, John (19 AUG 1629-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (18 AUG 1725-4 APR 1786)
Bagley, John (9 OCT 1607-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (1756-10 JUL 1837)
Bagley, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (21 JAN 1685-9 MAR 1728)
Bagley, John (3 NOV 1564-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John (12 DEC 1668-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John A. (19 AUG 1833-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John Bucklin (5 MAR 1789-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, John Charles (23 OCT 1947-23 MAR 1948)
Bagley, John Henry (15 JUL 1912-19 JUL 1976)
Bagley, John Sylvester (Private-)
Bagley, Jonathan (5 MAR 1786-3 JUL 1867)
Bagley, Joseph (26 JAN 1705-9 FEB 1772)
Bagley, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Joseph (23 JUN 1827-MAR 1866)
Bagley, Joseph (16 AUG 1800-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Joseph (-20 DEC 1793)
Bagley, Joseph (18 DEC 1672-19 DEC 1746)
Bagley, Joseph "William" (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Josiah (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Judith (1577-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Judith (13 NOV 1690-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Judy Clar (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Julie Ann (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Kate (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Laura (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Laura (1842-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Laura (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Letitia (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Levie (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Lewis (24 DEC 1804-1 FEB 1887)
Bagley, Lewis Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Linda (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Lois (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Louis Townsend (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Louisa Mariah (10 SEP 1819-21 SEP 1893)
Bagley, Louise (1869-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Luana (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Lucena Loveland (5 DEC 1833-DEC 1893)
Bagley, Lucille Baley (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Lucina (25 JAN 1832-8 JAN 1918)
Bagley, Lucy Alemeth (19 DEC 1823-24 JAN 1881)
Bagley, Mabel Bernice (30 JUN 1904-7 FEB 1989)
Bagley, Mabelle R (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mae (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mahlan (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Male Infant (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Margaret (-18 MAR 1799)
Bagley, Margaret (23 JAN 1822-19 JUN 1895)
Bagley, Margaret (-11 JUL 1821)
Bagley, Margaret Mrs. William Valentine (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Marietta (1866-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Marion E (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Martha (8 SEP 1858-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Martha (-11 JAN 1818)
Bagley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (20 NOV 1820-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (30 APR 1661-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (9 JUL 1594-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (1697-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (5 JAN 1662-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (1702-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary Ann (17 MAR 1817-1884)
Bagley, Mary E. (26 MAY 1838-7 JAN 1899)
Bagley, Mary E. (1840-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary E. (MAY 1876-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary Effie (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary Emily (22 MAY 1910-14 APR 1988)
Bagley, Mary F (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mary Leland (6 MAR 1869-3 JAN 1890)
Bagley, Matthew (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Maude E. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Melissa (1846-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Melvine (1874-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mildred D. (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Miranda (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Morton (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Mrs. J.W. Miller (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Myra M (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Myrtle (1868-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Nancy (1 APR 1823-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Nancy H (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Nancy Jane (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Naomi (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Nathaniel (18 AUG 1829-FEB 1832)
Bagley, Nathaniel H. (15 MAY 1810-14 APR 1896)
Bagley, Nicolas Of Manchester (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Olive Ann Mrs. James (8 NOV 1824-15 MAR 1874)
Bagley, Olive S (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Orlando (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, III, Orlando (14 DEC 1682-3 MAY 1756)
Bagley, Orlando (18 FEB 1658-1728)
Bagley, Parley David (30 APR 1808-28 FEB 1900)
Bagley, Parley M. (25 DEC 1836-23 FEB 1899)
Bagley, Peter (11 OCT 1591-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Phebe Adaline (1 MAY 1815-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Phillip (3 JAN 1616-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Phoebe (2 JUL 1635-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Polly (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Prussia (20 JAN 1802-14 DEC 1885)
Bagley, Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Raphael (1880-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, III, Raymond Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Raymond Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Raymond Robert (19 AUG 1884-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Rex (13 MAY 1906-MAY 1984)
Bagley, Rhoda (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Richard (17 APR 1595-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Robert (-1567)
Bagley, Robert (11 DEC 1599-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Robert Ray (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Robert Ray (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Roger Donald (26 JUL 1939-19 JUN 1999)
Bagley, Roxanna (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Russell (13 JUN 1816-28 JAN 1849)
Bagley, Russell W (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Russia (4 FEB 1794-17 NOV 1884)
Bagley, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sama (1831-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Samuel (17 MAR 1806-22 NOV 1839)
Bagley, Samuel (7 SEP 1658-10 FEB 1735)
Bagley, Jr., Samuel (17 MAR 1771-1849)
Bagley, Samuel (3 OCT 1828-AUG 1830)
Bagley, Sr., Samuel (1722-20 MAY 1773)
Bagley, Sr., Samuel (1754-12 SEP 1841)
Bagley, Samuel (12 AUG 1634-FEB 1710)
Bagley, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah (14 JAN 1660-1661)
Bagley, Sarah (2 MAR 1663-24 FEB 1721)
Bagley, Sarah (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah (27 FEB 1684-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah (1696-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah Almira (24 JUL 1858-3 DEC 1939)
Bagley, Sarah Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah Jane (1845-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah Riel (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sarah Williams (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Scott (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Shiloh (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Silence (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Simeon Arvin (26 APR 1798-3 DEC 1873)
Bagley, II, Simeon Arvin (21 SEP 1836-25 MAY 1917)
Bagley, Stephen Tabor (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Susan (1829-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Susan Mildred (19 JUL 1874-24 MAY 1933)
Bagley, Susannah (1784-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Susie E. (22 JUN 1882-1955)
Bagley, Suzanne Joyce (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Sylvia (1877-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Theresa (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, III, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Thomas (7 FEB 1611-24 JUL 1672)
Bagley, II, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Thomas (17 APR 1857-15 MAY 1863)
Bagley, Thomas Jefferson (26 FEB 1761-19 JUN 1838)
Bagley, Unknown Mrs. John (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Unknown Mrs. Ralph (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, Unknown Mrs. Raymond (Private-)
Bagley, Upton Elwood (11 FEB 1911-26 SEP 1978)
Bagley, Verda (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (8 JUN 1844-21 JAN 1903)
Bagley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (1738-27 MAR 1816)
Bagley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (-1648)
Bagley, William (1563-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (1750-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William Alanson (2 JUN 1821-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William Alanson (14 JAN 1791-2 SEP 1838)
Bagley, William H. (9 SEP 1820-30 AUG 1909)
Bagley, William M. (21 JUL 1825-4 APR 1854)
Bagley, William Noah (15 JAN 1854-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William Valentine (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William Valentine (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, William Valentine (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, female child 2 (-UNKNOWN)
Bagley, female child 3 (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Ambrose (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Charles (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Geoffrey (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Isobell De (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, James (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, John De (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Nicolas (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Ralph De (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Richard (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Roesia Mrs. Willima De (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Sir William De (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, Unknown Mrs. Thomas (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Baguley, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Abigail (-1756)
Bailey, Carrie Virginia (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Charles Clarence (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Charles Peter (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Earl Swhires (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Edgar Harris (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Elizabeth (-2 JUN 1740)
Bailey, Gilbert (19 JAN 1787-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Hannah Fields (11 JUN 1782-30 JUN 1862)
Bailey, Harley Cather (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Howard Cecil (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, James (14 JAN 1778-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Jane (-1756)
Bailey, John Randolph (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Joseph (2 MAR 1755-1812)
Bailey, Laura Viola (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Levi (1716-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Mary (7 JAN 1780-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Molly (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Murvill Clifton (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Nancy (8 MAR 1822-12 FEB 1881)
Bailey, Nathan (1654-1738)
Bailey, Nathaniel (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Nathaniel (-7 JUN 1740)
Bailey, Nathaniel (-OCT 1768)
Bailey, Nehemiah (-1804)
Bailey, Nicholas (1628-1689)
Bailey, Nicholas (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Ora Robinson (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Peleg (-22 JAN 1810)
Bailey, Peleg (24 SEP 1799-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Rebecca (31 JAN 1789-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Rebecca (7 JAN 1782-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Ruth (-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Samuel (30 MAR 1759-7 APR 1820)
Bailey, Samuel (7 NOV 1794-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Stephen (MAR 1776-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, Susannah (7 SEP 1791-UNKNOWN)
Bailey, William Alexander (-UNKNOWN)
Bailus, Ernest (-UNKNOWN)
Bailus, Eugene (-UNKNOWN)
Bailus, June (Private-)
Bailus, Lois Mrs. Eugene (-UNKNOWN)
Bailus, Marie (Private-)
Bain, Mary Ann (14 APR 1814-UNKNOWN)
Baird, Josephine (Private-)
Baird, Maud (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, ? (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Alvin Lorraine (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Antoinette (Private-)
Baker, Betty Mrs. William (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Catherine (APR 1851-1 JAN 1923)
Baker, Charles Lynn (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Eloise Virginia (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Harold (Private-)
Baker, James Wilson (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Janet (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Joe (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, John (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Joyce Ann (Private-)
Baker, Kari (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Katherine Naomi (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Keith Edwin (Private-)
Baker, Kenneth DeWitt (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Leta Suzanne (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Lillie Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Lori (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Nannie (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Patti (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Penny (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Rose (Private-)
Baker, Sarah M. (7 DEC 1752-1827)
Baker, Shirley (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Stanley Morehead (6 SEP 1895-1983)
Baker, Stanley Morton (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Susan E. (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Toby (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, Virgil Maurice (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, William Conrad (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, William Lawrence (-UNKNOWN)
Baker, William Thomas (20 MAY 1873-20 AUG 1964)
Ballard, Esther (-UNKNOWN)
Ballenger, Oliver P. (-UNKNOWN)
Ballew, Angel Mari (Private-)
Ballew, George (Private-)
Bannister, Katherine (-UNKNOWN)
Barber, Elinor (-UNKNOWN)
Barber, Rosa (-UNKNOWN)
Baringer, Benjamin Franklin (4 FEB 1868-1948)
Baringer, Dorotha M. (21 AUG 1904-UNKNOWN)
Baringer, Ira Norman (16 JAN 1877-1952)
Barkalow, Lizzie Marie (-UNKNOWN)
Barker, Aileen (-UNKNOWN)
Barker, Dillard (-UNKNOWN)
Barker, Helen Ardel (-UNKNOWN)
Barker, Mary Emma (-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Albert Warren (9 MAR 1874-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Chester (Private-)
Barnard, Chester Albert (24 DEC 1891-10 JUN 1970)
Barnard, Clifford (1 MAY 1897-13 AUG 1986)
Barnard, Connie (Private-)
Barnard, David (Private-)
Barnard, Denton A (22 MAY 1887-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Diane Lee (Private-)
Barnard, Donald James (Private-)
Barnard, Donald Keith (Private-)
Barnard, Duane (Private-)
Barnard, Eileen (Private-)
Barnard, Ella Mary (14 MAY 1868-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Everett F (ABT 1896-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Francis Wilder (18 FEB 1864-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Frank (ABT 1864-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Frederick Arthur (24 MAY 1878-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Fredrich H (1 MAY 1890-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Fredrick W (22 OCT 1843-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Harry Walker (17 OCT 1870-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Hattie (17 JAN 1889-23 JUN 1893)
Barnard, Hiram Albert (17 OCT 1870-1 SEP 1871)
Barnard, Laroy Edward (21 FEB 1884-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Living (Private-)
Barnard, Lyle Almond (11 JUN 1916-14 DEC 1996)
Barnard, Margaret (Private-)
Barnard, Mattie (17 JAN 1889-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Norman (Private-)
Barnard, Opal (Private-)
Barnard, Peggy (Private-)
Barnard, Raymond Wright (21 MAY 1866-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Sadie (MAR 1888-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Samuel Raymond (26 DEC 1911-24 MAR 2002)
Barnard, Sarah Esther Pearl (26 MAR 1888-UNKNOWN)
Barnard, Timothy (Private-)
Barnard, William Francis (31 JAN 1811-3 MAY 1865)
Barnard, William Norris (7 JAN 1866-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, ? Mrs. Enos (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Agnus (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Albert (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Almon (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Amy A. (1824-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Byron W. (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Charles (1831-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Chester H. (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Diantha (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Edwin (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Enos (1799-NOV 1880)
Barnes, Enos (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Fannie L. (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Franklin (30 DEC 1833-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, George (-1859)
Barnes, Gilbert (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Harry (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Iva Luella (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Jessie (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, John Beriah (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Laura (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Louis (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Mary Eliza (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Nellie (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Ottway (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Simeon A. (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Susie (-UNKNOWN)
Barnes, Thedora (-UNKNOWN)
Barrett, Flavius T (-UNKNOWN)
Barrett, Humphrey (-UNKNOWN)
Barron, Martha Nell (-UNKNOWN)
Barrows, Rebecca (-UNKNOWN)
Barse, Bill (-UNKNOWN)
Barse, Unknown (-UNKNOWN)
Bartlett, Anne H (25 APR 1847-UNKNOWN)
Barton, Betty Lou (Private-)
Barton, Billie Jo (Private-)
Barton, Edward Carlton (Private-)
Barton, Edward Leroy (Private-)
Barton, Harley Alvin (18 DEC 1929-7 AUG 1961)
Barton, Kenneth Eugene (9 JUN 1934-19 JUN 1969)
Barton, Leroy Emery (28 DEC 1894-UNKNOWN)
Barton, Retha Mae (Private-)
Barton, Ronnie (Private-)
Barton, Roy (28 DEC 1894-10 OCT 1974)
Barton, Unknown Mrs. Edward (Private-)
Barton, Vicki Ann (Private-)
Basham, Virginia (Private-)
Bass, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bassett, Elizabeth (13 DEC 1730-1792)
Bateman, Elizabeth (4 OCT 1849-15 OCT 1944)
Bateman, Julia (25 MAY 1847-16 APR 1873)
Bates, Catherine (-28 JUN 1900)
Bates, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bates, Linda (Private-)
Bates, Martha (-UNKNOWN)
Bates, Samuel (-UNKNOWN)
Battista, Catherine (1876-4 MAY 1966)
Battles, Ruth Cherry (-UNKNOWN)
Bauer, Adam (-UNKNOWN)
Baxter, (-UNKNOWN)
Baxter, "MONTY was my, Caroline (-UNKNOWN)
Baxter, Jesse (-UNKNOWN)
Baxter, Polly (-UNKNOWN)
Bayley, Margaret (1632-1698)
Bazler, Donny (Private-)
Bazler, Kacey Elaine (Private-)
Beach, Lillie M (-UNKNOWN)
Beardsley, Effie M. (-UNKNOWN)
Beaty, Grace K. (-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Alice (Private-)
Becker, Alice (Private-)
Becker, Alice (Private-)
Becker, Alice (Private-)
Becker, Amanda Clara (6 DEC 1906-26 MAY 1964)
Becker, Bella\Sybella (9 APR 1911-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Bill\William Friedrich (29 NOV 1912-15 NOV 1973)
Becker, Carl Theodore (27 APR 1916-3 JUN 1981)
Becker, Carl Theodore (27 APR 1916-3 JUN 1981)
Becker, Carl Theodore (27 APR 1916-3 JUN 1981)
Becker, Carl Theodore (27 APR 1916-3 JUN 1981)
Becker, Carl Theodore (27 APR 1916-3 JUN 1981)
Becker, Carl Theodore (27 APR 1916-3 JUN 1981)
Becker, Cupie\Lillian Maybelle (Private-)
Becker, Dorothy Natalie (Private-)
Becker, Edith (1924-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Elsie Margaret (9 FEB 1914-28 MAY 2000)
Becker, Friedrich Wilhelm (7 FEB 1885-15 FEB 1943)
Becker, Friedrich Wilhelm (Ferdinand) (15 DEC 1845-22 MAR 1930)
Becker, Gertrud Grace (Private-)
Becker, Gustav Heinrich (31 JAN 1875-11 NOV 1941)
Becker, Harry (Private-)
Becker, Helen Bertha (Private-)
Becker, Henry Gust Julius (15 MAR 1909-3 FEB 1989)
Becker, Henry\Heinrich Julius (13 JUL 1887-26 SEP 1933)
Becker, Herbert (4 OCT 1911-19 SEP 1965)
Becker, Herman Adolph (2 APR 1882-16 MAY 1964)
Becker, Herman Jr. (19 JUN 1922-DEC 1986)
Becker, Julius (23 NOV 1870-4 OCT 1871)
Becker, Karl (22 MAY 1913-MAY 1991)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Living (Private-)
Becker, Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Louise (-1910)
Becker, Louise (-1910)
Becker, Louise (-1910)
Becker, Louise (-1910)
Becker, Louise (-1910)
Becker, Louise (-1910)
Becker, Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Louise (Bertha) (3 SEP 1877-18 MAY 1966)
Becker, Louise Bertha (8 APR 1905-11 JAN 1971)
Becker, Margaret (5 AUG 1918-DEC 1993)
Becker, Marie Augusta (8 DEC 1879-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Marie Clara (25 SEP 1903-7 MAY 1945)
Becker, Marie Wilhelmina (18 JAN 1874-20 JAN 1874)
Becker, Martha Magdeline (30 DEC 1901-7 OCT 1982)
Becker, Mary A (-UNKNOWN)
Becker, Richard (Private-)
Becker, Robert (Private-)
Becker, Vivian (Private-)
Becker, William Paul (29 SEP 1911-13 MAR 1975)
Beggarly, Joan (-UNKNOWN)
Bell, Andrew (Private-)
Bell, Charlotte (-UNKNOWN)
Bell, David Bryon (Private-)
Bell, John Christopher (Private-)
Bell, Marvin Lee (Private-)
Bell, Peter Christian (Private-)
Bell, Timothy Lee (Private-)
Benjamin, Stella Mae (7 FEB 1913-25 DEC 1967)
Bennett, Elizabeth Ann (Private-)
Bennett, George (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Georgia (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Hazel Mary (Private-)
Bennett, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Jonathan (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Lucy (-UNKNOWN)
Bennett, Rebecca Lynn (Private-)
Bennett, Warren Stair II (Private-)
Bense, Gary Lee (Private-)
Bense, Lester Lee (-UNKNOWN)
Bense, Liana Atalaya (Private-)
Benson, Ronald (Private-)
Bento, Victoria Jo (Private-)
Benton, Kitty Lynn (Private-)
Benton, Paul Hunter (Private-)
Berende, Alwine (-UNKNOWN)
Berende, Living (-UNKNOWN)
Berende, Reinholt (-UNKNOWN)
Bergeron, Ameda Joseph (-UNKNOWN)
Bergrow, Louise (-UNKNOWN)
Berry, Ella D. (-UNKNOWN)
Berry, Margaret (-UNKNOWN)
Berryhill, John (-UNKNOWN)
Bertram, Arnold M. (21 JAN 1845-16 SEP 1924)
Bertram, Christian (1 DEC 1754-8 JUL 1825)
Bertram, Christian (11 APR 1811-28 MAY 1892)
Bertram, Joannes Adami (-3 JAN 1772)
Bertram, Kathryn (7 OCT 1882-5 JUL 1920)
Bertram, Peter Jacobus (16 JUL 1790-26 FEB 1841)
Beverlin, Angie (Private-)
Biddlecone, Mary A. (5 MAR 1846-13 NOV 1915)
Biggs, Jonathan (1755-UNKNOWN)
Bilbe, George (-UNKNOWN)
Bilbe, Queenie (-3 DEC 1972)
Bilbe, Ray (-UNKNOWN)
Billington, Harold Eugene (Private-)
Billips, William O. (-UNKNOWN)
Birkner, Gottfried (21 AUG 1889-MAR 1964)
Bishop, Lydia (1 MAY 1791-15 APR 1867)
Black, Forrest Chancey (Private-)
Black, Forrest Glenn (30 MAR 1906-UNKNOWN)
Black, J. E. (-UNKNOWN)
Black, Jaquelynn Jaynne (Private-)
Black, Julia Marie (Private-)
Black, Lori Kay (Private-)
Black, Rosemary (Private-)
Black, Shelley Ann (Private-)
Blackburn, Marlene (Private-)
Blaisdale, Fern (-UNKNOWN)
Blake, Bridget (-UNKNOWN)
Blanchard, June (Private-)
Blas, Al (Private-)
Bleasdale, Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Bleitz, Daniel Jay (Private-)
Bleitz, Fred (Private-)
Bleitz, Tamaria Sue (Private-)
Bleymeyer, Living (Private-)
Bleymeyer, Living (Private-)
Bleymeyer, Living (Private-)
Bleymeyer, Living (Private-)
Bloom, John Calvin (-UNKNOWN)
Bly, James (-UNKNOWN)
Boak, Mary Virginia (1850-1931)
Boak, William (-UNKNOWN)
Bodel, Susanna (1747-UNKNOWN)
Bodle, Alexander (1752-JUL 1828)
Bodle, Daniel (1710-1786)
Bodle, Patrick (1744-UNKNOWN)
Bodle, Samuel B (1751-1832)
Bodle, William B (3 MAR 1746-23 JAN 1838)
Boehm, Nancy Elizabeth (-UNKNOWN)
Boesen, James (Private-)
Bogar, Basil (-UNKNOWN)
Bogar, Patricia (Private-)
Bogenreiff, Daniel (ABT 1822-UNKNOWN)
Bogenreiff, David (ABT 1850-UNKNOWN)
Bogenreiff, Margaret (ABT 1821-UNKNOWN)
Bogenrief, Franklin R (DEC 1885-UNKNOWN)
Bogenrief, George C (OCT 1892-UNKNOWN)
Bogenrief, Margaret May (25 MAR 1890-29 OCT 1960)
Bogenrief, Robert S (ABT 1904-UNKNOWN)
Bogenrief, Samuel C. (26 FEB 1861-24 JUN 1921)
Bolon, Mary Ellen (-UNKNOWN)
Bone, Living (Private-)
Bonnett, Living (Private-)
Book, Chester L. (-31 DEC 2002)
Book, Cindie (Private-)
Book, Deanna (Private-)
Book, D.D.S., Glenn (Private-)
Book, Janet (Private-)
Book, D.D.S., Larry (Private-)
Book, Richard (Private-)
Book, Robert (-11 FEB 2000)
Book, Steven (Private-)
Book, Susan (Private-)



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